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Holiday cottage completed

The big push to finish Flat 8, the holiday cottage, happened last week, and we just about made it! We had a deadline to meet, which was that Ian’s mum was coming to stay for the weekend, and we wanted her to be the first person to stay there. It was a hectic week, as there were loads of little jobs to do – putting up the shower attachment, painting the wardrobes and inside the cupboards, cleaning the window frames (my job – with a toothbrush!), putting up shelves and pictures, putting up curtains, and so on. No matter how hard we scrubbed, we still kept finding cat hairs, remnants of the previous occupants, but hopefully we’ve now cleaned it to within an inch of its life, and it’s all done. Finally, in the style of those makeover shows, we dressed the cottage, and here are the ‘after’ photos for your enjoyment!

Image 38 Image 40 Image 41 Image 43 Image 45 Image 46 Image 47


‘Before’ photos of flat 8

Just a quick post to go along with some ‘before’ photos of Flat 8. If you’re going to be able to appreciate all our hard work doing it up, when I post photos of the finished product, you’ll have to see what a wreck it was when we started. So, here you go…

P1020358 P1020353 P1020357 P1020351 P1020347 P1020352 P1020350 P1020348 P1020356 P1020349 P1020355 P1020359

Freezing cold in March

Winter has taken what I can only hope is a final bite out of us here in Lamberhurst. It has been bitterly cold over the last couple of days. It actually felt colder than when we were knee-deep in snow a couple of months ago. And yesterday the power company had warned us of a planned power cut lasting most of the day. So, with no electricity, Ian and I thought that the best thing we could do was crack on with finishing Flat 8, which is the little one-bedroom flat off the courtyard that we are planning to make available as a holiday let. It’s almost finished, but there are countless little jobs needed to finish it off. We’re also expecting our first visitor for it this weekend – Ian’s mum – so there was an added incentive.

We both got our overalls on (Second-hand Taieri Tractors overalls that we brought back from New Zealand!) and got cracking. Flat 8 has a little pot-belly stove, so we got that going to keep us warm, and also to heat the hot water. Ian finished off the few bits of painting that needed doing, and I got stuck into cleaning the window frames with an old toothbrush, which is surprisingly satisfying!

Today we had planned to continue the job, but the cold weather turned even worse, and we had snow to contend with! In the middle of March! The children had a late start at school, so we spent the first part of the morning shovelling snow and clearing steps around the house – with a bit of a snowball fight thrown in for good measure – and then went down to the school to help them clear the paths and playground. We still made a bit more progress on Flat 8 today though. Ian put up the shower head and shower curtain, made up some shelves that will be installed as bedside tables, painted one of the nightstore heaters that was looking a bit shabby, replaced a broken door handle, and so on. There are a few remaining jobs along the same lines, and I still have four more windows to attack with my toothbrush, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Then there will just be a final clean and tidy and it will be all done.

I will post photos of it in all its glory when it’s all done. For now, here are some photos of the snow:

IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1914