Monthly Archives: December 2013

Clearing out the cellar

Our wonderful builder Mark Truman has been working at Court Lodge over the last week or so, finishing off a few jobs for us. One job that badly needs doing is clearing out the cellar, as there are decades and decades, perhaps even hundreds of years worth of junk down there, and most of it is rotten. We hired a skip for some of it, but all the wooden stuff will go on the bonfire. We will be having a big bonfire over Christmas!

One of the treasures Ian and Mark uncovered was a pair of enormous old glazed double doors. They are 8 feet high, which made Ian think that they couldn’t be just any old doors; perhaps they were the original front doors on the South side of the house, from before big changes were made to the house in the Victorian era, and the front door was moved to the West side. The space that had been the front door was then filled with a window overlooking the terrace and the knot garden.

We measured the space, and it does seem like a good fit. If it is them, then they have been in the cellar for about 150 years, so although they are in quite bad condition, it is not as bad as you might expect. We will have to see if there is any chance that we can restore them, as we are planning to reopen that window and put a door back in there. It would be wonderful if we could restore the original doors to their original setting!