Monthly Archives: December 2016

Update on the planning permission situation

Back in February 2016 I wrote a post on this blog about various unexpected challenges we were facing here at Court Lodge. We had then been working for about two years on trying to get planning permission to be able to hold functions and events here at Court Lodge, as a way of trying to generate much-needed revenue to carry out the repairs and restoration that is needed on the house and grounds. We are now ten months on from that blog post, and we still haven’t had a decision about the planning permission. In September we were asked by the planning office to resubmit our application, as it had changed somewhat from our original application. This is because we had made various changes to what we were proposing to do, to try and accommodate concerns from local residents. We rewrote and resubmitted our application in November, and it is now up on the planning portal and open for public consultation. To date there are 13 letters of support from local residents and businesses, and no letters of opposition. We fully expect that the objectors will object again, even though we believe we have removed all their grounds for concern, so there should be nothing left for them to object to. But it is good to see that there is so much local support for what we are trying to do here. Thank you to all of you who have rallied round and supported us!

The application states that the planning office has a target date for a decision of 6th February 2017. Given our experience so far we will not yet hold our breath, but we are hopeful of finally knowing where we stand sometime in the next two or three months. Watch this space!